Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell

In order to keep an eye over your doorstep with the assistance of a wire-free and battery-operated video doorbell that gives full coverage, it is recommended that you make use of the Arlo wireless video doorbell at home.

Following are the features that you will get after installing this doorbell:

  • Arlo secure 3-month trial included
  • HD video with HDR
  • Superior video coverage with a 1:1 view
  • Wide 180-degree viewing angle
Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell

Now that you have become aware of the features that you can get your hands on, follow the below-mentioned instructions to learn how to do Arlo doorbell installation.

What You Need?

In order to set up the Arlo wireless video doorbell, you need to have the following items:

Want to know more about what you will get along? Contact our highly experienced experts.

Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell Installation Steps

For your information, the setup of the Arlo wireless video doorbell takes place in two phases. In the first phase, you need to connect the doorbell to the Arlo account whereas, in the second phase, you need to mount the doorbell to the wall.

In order to install the doorbell, you have got to make use of the Arlo Secure app. The following instructions will give you an overview of the process.

1. Charge the Battery

For the purpose of charging your Arlo wireless video doorbell, you ought to locate the release pin that came along with it. Insert the pin into the release hole. The next step is to pull the doorbell off the mount. Do you know in what motion? Well, in an up-and-out motion. After that, bring the doorbell to your house. Remove the battery after some time. Make use of the USB charging cable. You might have found it in the box in which the doorbell came. As soon as the LED becomes solid, place the battery back into the doorbell. Lastly, place the device back on the mount, but this time, in a down-and-in motion.

2. Download the Arlo Application

The next step in line is to download the Arlo app. You can do so by going to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store of your networking device. This depends on the mobile device that you are currently using. After downloading the application, launch it on your mobile device. Make sure that your device has enough storage space. Otherwise, the app will not be able to get downloaded thoroughly.

3. Use the QR Code

Make your device access the internet by using the QR code in the Arlo Secure application. In case, you are wondering how to do so, then it is recommended that you get in touch with our seasoned experts. Without taking much of your precious time, they will teach you how to make your device gain access to the internet with ease. They will also shed light on how to do Arlo login.

4. Find a Good Location

The Arlo wireless video doorbell should be placed in such a manner that it has the fullest view of the area leading up to the front entry. This will provide the best opportunity to you to capture motion detection events as well as video clips that include a person coming towards the door. Make sure that the walls and other objects do not obstruct the view of your doorbell. Otherwise, there will no point of setting it up.

5. Mount the Arlo Video Doorbell

Drill two holes into the wall where you plan to mount your Arlo wireless video doorbell. Align the mounting plate with the two holes. After that, use a screwdriver to put a screw in both holes while holding the mounting plate in place. At last, place the doorbell on the mounting plate in a down-and-in motion. In no time, you will be done installing the Arlo wireless doorbell. We have our fingers crossed.

Need Help?

This is what you can do to do the installation of the Arlo wireless video doorbell. Hopefully, the information given will be helpful in a lot of ways. However, if at any point, you got stuck while learning about setting up this doorbell, then it is recommended that you waste zero minutes to get in touch with our team of professionals.

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