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Arlo cameras are known for delivering peace of mind to people who are always worried about home security. With advanced video and audio quality, these cameras are known to provide panoramic visions of inside and outside of your house. But, to allow your camera to detect motion, you need to set it up via the Arlo camera login page. This page covers all the necessary information regarding login. Read on.

How to Access Arlo Camera Login Page?

Accessing the Arlo camera admin page is possible either via the login web address or using the Arlo app. Given below are the instructions that will help you with the login process using both these approaches:

  • Be sure that your camera is turned on.
  • If your camera uses a battery, then ensure that it is completely charged.
  • Now, launch the Arlo app on your smartphone.
  • You can also visit the web URL on your computer.
  • The next screen will prompt you to input the camera login details.
  • Enter the necessary information and select Log in.
Arlo Camera Login

The dashboard of your Arlo camera will show up with the selection of the Log in option. Now, you can select the mode, take a snapshot from the live audio, arm or disarm all devices, change motion sensitivity, and do much more with your camera. However, we would like to inform you that if you’re accessing the Arlo camera login page for the first time, you have to select the New to Arlo option and create your account.

How to Charge Arlo Camera?

To get the best out of your Arlo security device, you need to keep it charged all the time. Just in case, you’re not familiar with the steps to charge an Arlo device, refer to the instructions given below.

However, this is to inform you that the USB cable you’ve got with the camera will help you charge it. Thus, you’ve to bring your Arlo camera indoors for that purpose.

  • Firstly, dismount your security camera where you’ve established it.
  • You’re not supposed to unscrew the camera mount. Unscrew the camera only.
  • Have you brought your camera indoors? Great!
  • Find the USB charging port on the Arlo security device.
  • Input the USB charging cable into it.
  • Connect it to the power socket and press the Power button.
  • Charge your Arlo until full.
Arlo Camera

That’s how to charge Arlo camera. FYI, the battery charging process may last from a few hours to a day. Thus, be patient. The light located on your Arlo unit will reveal whether the camera has been charged or not. You can also check the same after doing the login.

In case you want to charge and use your camera outdoors, then the Arlo dual-charging station will help you out. The moment your camera gets charged, it is ready to provide you with the ultimate security.

Arlo Camera Charging via Solar Panel

Arlo Camera Charging via Solar Panel

The previous section talked about charging the camera with the USB cable. As it involves the unmounting of the camera unit, you lost the security controls as well as access to the camera login page for a few minutes. That is why the Arlo dual-charging station or solar panel help you charge the camera.

The direct sunlight will get utilized by the solar panel (designed to charge Arlo) and keep your camera running. To know about the camera’s solar panel installation and how to charge camera with its help, read the user manual.

Why is My Arlo Camera Not Recording Motion?

After installing an Arlo camera in the house, many users have come up with the complaint that their cameras are not detecting motion. If you are also worried due to the same problem, then some workarounds need to be implemented.

Reposition Your Arlo

Positioning the camera is one of the most important aspects that let users remain worry-free about home security. You need to aim your camera properly. Also, ensure that it is mounted high and aimed objects are not too close to its placement. Ensure that your camera is not aiming through a glass or other transparent object since it reduces the chances of motion detection. After repositioning your security camera, see if the Arlo camera not recording motion problem still exists.

Arlo Camera Not Recording Motion

Disable Motion Detection in Rules

Perhaps, you disarmed the Motion Detection feature while setting up the rules for your Arlo security camera. Therefore, we advise you to hop up to the Arlo camera login page and turn the Motion Detection feature’s status to Armed. Apart from this, you can also schedule the Motion Detection feature on your camera.

Restart it

Restarting the camera is another hack that we recommend users opt for when the Arlo camera not recording motion issue occurs. If your camera has a removable battery, you can take the battery out and put it back after some time. If you are using a wired device simply unplug it and re-plug it after a specific period. However, you also have a convenient option of restarting your camera via Settings after completing the Arlo login procedure.

After following the aforementioned steps, your camera will start detecting motions.

My Arlo Camera is Offline. What Do I Do?

Arlo Camera is Offline
Performing Arlo login and accessing the camera settings is not always a hassle-free experience. Out of 10 users, 7 Arlo users say “My Arlo camera is offline”. Have you also experienced a similar problem with your security camera? Why worry when the tips highlighted below can help you out? Read them.

  • Make sure that your security camera is receiving a power supply.
  • Access the Arlo camera login page and see whether your camera is accessing WiFi.
  • Reboot your Arlo security camera.

Note: Is the camera login page on the mobile application showing a warning message? FYI, “My Arlo camera is offline” statement is also made if the camera is too hot or cold. In that scenario, it remains offline till the safe operating temperature is maintained.

  • Re-sync the Smart Hub (base station) and camera.
  • Check the base station’s status, it must be powered up as well as accessing WiFi.
  • Remove the WiFi signal interference.

After you’re done following the above-discussed tips, you won’t be longer saying “My Arlo camera is offline”. Now, you can manage your camera’s settings after accessing the login page.

Arlo Camera Not Connecting to Live Feed?

Arlo is known to record every action, even when you aren’t available to view the stream. Various features like Motion Notifications and Auto Zoom ensure all of this. However, these security cameras seem useless when they fail to connect to the live feed. This section will be of great help to you if your Arlo camera not connecting to live feed. Just give a shot at the instructions we’re mentioning and everything will be in place.

Run a Speed Test

Your camera might fail to connect to the live feed if the signals approaching it have less strength. In other words, we mean to say that a weaker internet connection results in the problem troubling you. Thus, run a speed test on your computer or mobile phone to verify the same. If it turns out to be true, remove all the interference-creating factors from the room where your access point is established.

Update the Arlo App

Do Arlo Login Using Another Device

Perhaps, there is a problem with the device you’re using to access the Arlo camera login window. By that, we are referring to compatibility issues. Therefore, try to access the login page of your camera using another device and see if the Arlo camera not connecting to live feed issue is still troubling you.

Update the Arlo App

You might fail to view the live feed on the Arlo app if the app itself is outdated. Thus, we advise you to navigate to the app store of your device and see if there is any update available for the app. If there is any, get it installed on your mobile phone. After that, your camera will be able to connect to the live feed. You can also uninstall and re-install the Arlo Secure app to get rid of the problem you’re struggling with.

Facing Arlo Camera Problems?

We’ve tried to cover every little detail regarding the login here. You also learned how to charge your camera. In addition to that, we also addressed the common issues that occur during and after setting up the camera by accessing the Arlo camera login page.

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