Arlo Pro 4 Setup

Are you looking for a guide for Arlo Pro 4 setup? You have landed on the right page. This web page is fully packed with in-depth information about how to set up Arlo wire-free spotlight camera. Having no wires implies, it is easy and quick to be installed directly to the home wireless network. With this security camera, you can rest assured that your home is protected, whether you are there or away. Before getting to the installation and setup process, let us help you know more about this device.

Know Your Arlo Pro 4 Camera

Here are the Arlo Pro 4 spotlight camera’s awesome features:

1. HDR Videos: You get 2K videos with HDR with this camera. You can zoom in and see clearer details and colors of objects.

2. Integrated Spotlight: Simply ward off unwanted visitors using the integrated spotlight by lighting up the night vision.

3. Colored Night Vision: Along with the spotlight, you also get colored night vision with Arlo spotlight cam.

4. Easy to Setup: Arlo Pro cam is easy to set up. It is wire-free and entails a magnetic mount that makes installing it a piece of cake.

5. Rechargeable Battery: This product has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that makes it convenient as well as economical to use.

6. Smart Siren: This got a built-in smart siren to alert you during an event. You even have the option to turn it on remotely when required.

7. 2-Way Audio: Make a clear 2-way communication with visitors, ie; hear and speak with ultra-high audio quality.

8. 160° View: Get a wider view field with its 160-degree view.

Arlo Pro 4 Setup Instructions

Here is the process to complete the Arlo camera setup using easy-to-perform instructions:

Arlo Pro 4 Setup: Create Account

To complete the setup process, first, you need to create an Arlo account. You can use the Arlo app or the Arlo login web address to create an account. Here are the steps:

If you are trying to create an Arlo account using the Arlo app, then first download the app on your smartphone. Launch the app and follow the same instructions as mentioned above.

Arlo Pro 4 Setup: Connect to Base Station

The next step in line is to connect your Arlo Pro 4 cam to the base station or the Smart Hub. The steps are as follows:

Congratulations! You are done setting up the Base Station. However, if any issues arise, consider contacting our technical experts for quick help.

Arlo Pro 4 Setup: Sync

Once the Base Station is set up, it is now time to sync your devices. You can do this by following the steps given ahead:

  • Unbox your Arlo Pro 4 wireless camera.
  • Insert the battery to power it up. If the battery is not charged, then consider charging it first.
  • Now, press the Sync button on the Base Station.
  • Similarly, press the Sync button on the Arlo camera.

This completes the syncing process.

Arlo Pro 4 Setup: Final Setup Steps

As soon as you are done with syncing your Base Station to the Arlo camera, you can move forward toward the final steps of the Arlo Pro 4 setup. You can use the web-based interface or the Arlo app to do an Arlo login and get through this process.

You can use the Arlo app to get through the setup process by following the same steps.

That’s it! You have successfully set up your Arlo wire-free camera. Simply wall mount it and be worry free about the security of your home. If you need any help in the final installation steps, then contact our experts, they will be more than happy to help you.

Troubleshooting Arlo Pro 4 Setup Issues

Arlo users often report that they get stuck sometimes while performing the Arlo camera setup. We have summed up a few troubleshooting steps using which you can easily get the setup process done.

  1. Ensure a stable internet connection before you attempt to set up your Arlo Pro 4 cam.
  2. Make sure the Arlo camera batteries are fully charged.
  3. The Ethernet cable used to connect Base Station to the camera should be inserted correctly into the respective ports.
  4. Use the correct login web address Also, make sure that you are entering it right into the address bar and not in the search bar.
  5. Input the correct login details without making any typing errors. As the credentials are case-sensitive, check that the Caps Lock key is disabled.
  6. The web browser that you are using to set up the Arlo cam should be running on the latest version to get the process done smoothly.

This is all about how to complete the Arlo Pro 4 setup using the web browser and the Arlo app. While performing the process, if you need any further assistance, get in touch with the highly experienced technical team to help you out.

Disclaimer: We hereby disclaim ownership of any product and any association, affiliation or representation in any form, of any brand, product or service. All the information provided here has been drafted by a team of highly qualified technical experts and regularly undergo reviews and updates.