Arlo Q Plus Outdoor Camera Setup

Put a sentinel at your house with Arlo Q Plus Outdoor camera setup. This security cam is capable of serving smaller spaces without putting video quality at stake. It connects directly to WiFi and has an integrated spotlight due to which identifying an unknown activity during the night is super-easy. Moreover, the camera is quite durable which makes it a must-have protection for every house. This page highlights all the essential features housed by a Q Plus cam along with its setup process.

Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus and Their Features

Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus and Their Features
Both the security cameras brought in by Arlo possess the same features. The only feature due to which users search for Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus is that the latter one has the PoE [Power over Ethernet] adapter on the side. However, both the cameras record video in 1080p to provide you with a clear picture of what they see. Their ability to withstand different weather conditions makes it possible for you to mount them inside or outside the house. You can see visitors at night with the integrated spotlight and infrared night vision. Want to speak with visitors right from the comfort of your bed? Well, both cameras allow you to do it via the mobile app. It doesn’t end here, the cameras send notifications directly to your phone if a motion is detected. Additionally, the built-in siren gets triggered automatically to deter unwanted guests. You will be able to get a wider view with a 130 viewing angle. Furthermore, you can manage the Arlo Q Plus and Q security camera easily via the mobile application which puts home security in the palm of your hand.

How to Do Arlo Q Plus Outdoor Camera Setup | Arlo Q Setup

You can set up your outdoor camera either with the help of the web browser or using the mobile app. The same goes for the Arlo Q camera. However, if you choose to set up the security camera via the app, ensure that it is running on its latest version. The process of installing the security cam via both these methods is mentioned in the table given below. But, before that, you are supposed to turn on your camera and sync it to the base station. To know how to sync camera and base station, contact our support team.

Arlo Q Plus Setup via Web Browser Arlo Q Plus Setup via Mobile App
Open a web browser and visit Install the Arlo Secure app and launch it.
Fill in the Arlo account login details or create an account. Create the Arlo camera login account using your personal details [if you haven’t one]
On the Arlo account dashboard, select Arlo Camera. Now, tap the Settings icon and add the spotlight camera model to your account.
Follow the on-screen instructions. Give a shot at the instructions on the screen.
The Q camera setup finishes. Your camera is ready to be mounted.

This is how you can install your security device using the mobile application or the Arlo camera login web address. However, once you’re done with the Arlo Q Plus outdoor camera setup process, you need to mount the camera at the targeted location. Check out the next section and learn the criteria that need to be satisfied when it comes to the Q camera placement.

How to Choose a Good Location for the Arlo Q Plus Camera?

To get a wider view, your Q Plus camera must be mounted at a location where it receives proper WiFi signals and there is no interference between the camera and the targeted area. What we meant to say is that the vision of your camera should not be affected by the presence of objects or devices that tend to mess with wireless signals. If you do not take care of this thing, the probability of the video quality getting poor will increase. You will also come across some other problems if the camera is not placed at an appropriate location.

How to Charge the Arlo Q Plus Outdoor Camera?

Since the outdoor security cam comes with a non-removable battery, you need to unmount it from the existing location to charge it. To charge the security camera, consider following the steps given below:

  • Firstly, uncover the micro USB charging port on your outdoor security device.
  • Connect the micro USB charging cable to the port you’ve just uncovered.
  • The other end of the charging cable is supposed to be connected to the charging source [USB charging port or AC power adapter].
  • Thereafter, connect the adapter to the wall socket and the battery of the camera will start getting charged.
  • Once you notice the blue light on the camera, know that the battery is fully charged.
Arlo Q Plus Outdoor

How to Wake the Arlo Q Plus Camera?

During or after the Arlo Q Plus outdoor camera setup process, you need to wake your device. For this, the Sync button present at the bottom panel of the camera will help. To wake the camera you are supposed to press the Sync button for a few seconds and wait till the LED flashes blue. Remember that quickly pressing the Sync button won’t wake up the camera.

However, if the camera remains shut down even after long pressing the button, your Q or Q Plus camera’s battery needs to be charged. Thus, refer to the instructions given in the previous section and charge your camera. However, to prevent random work offs of your camera consider updating the firmware via the Arlo camera login page. To know more, get in touch with our experts.

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