Arlo Pro 4 XL Outdoor Security Camera

Everything feels good when you are familiar with the happenings in and around your house. All thanks to Arlo wireless security cameras that let an individual keep eye on every activity happening in and around the house. Here, we have tried to sum up important details about an award-winning Arlo Pro 4XL outdoor security camera that captures important details and works 365 days straight after one charge.

Salient Features – Arlo Pro 4 XL Camera

The Pro 4 XL security camera brought in by Arlo comes with myriad features that help you enhance home security. It is nearly impossible to list all of them. That is why we have mentioned the most important ones for you that can easily be accessed after you do Arlo dashboard login.

  • Superior quality image and video quality with 2K HDR
  • 160 field of view to focus on vulnerable parts of the house
  • Capture important information at night with a colored vision
  • Built-in siren to make you alert in case of a suspicious activity

Arlo Pro 4 Camera Manual

Like every gadget, an Arlo Pro 4 camera also arrives with a user manual that consists of information regarding its setup and installation. However, it has been found that some users are unable to decipher the instructions provided there and hence fail to make their cameras up and running. Just in case you are also among those users, then we’ve simplified the Arlo Pro 4 XL camera manual setup instructions in the next section. However, you can always contact our online support team if you need any help during the installation of your wireless security camera.

How to Do Arlo Pro 4 XL Setup?

Setting up the Pro 4 XL outdoor security camera will become quite easy for you if you follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully. But, before that, we want you to unbox the camera and ensure that you’ve received these in the package – Pro 4 XL spotlight camera, wall mount, rechargeable battery, magnetic charging cable, quick start guide, and an Arlo monitoring decal. After that, start Arlo Pro 4 setup.

Note: You do not need an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station to set up the Pro 4 security camera.

Fix Arlo Pro 4 Connectivity Issues

Although installing an outdoor camera after following the aforementioned instructions is an easy task, still many users can’t connect their cameras to the host router. As a result, they fail to set up the camera. In this section, we’ve mentioned a few techniques using which one can fix connectivity issues with Arlo Pro 4 security camera. Read them carefully to prevent the emergence of issues during the installation of your outdoor cam.

Use the Latest Version of Arlo App

The very first reason you are facing problems while doing Arlo Pro 4 XL setup or struggling with connectivity issues is the use of the outdated Arlo app. This is to inform you that outdated versions of apps do not support specific features and hence create various problems while setting up and managing the device. Therefore, be very certain that you are not using an outdated version of the app.

Keep the Camera in Router’s Range

Your Arlo Pro 4 connects to the 2.4GHz frequency band of the router. However, it won’t be possible if you keep the camera at a long distance from the WiFi router. Therefore, maintain a suitable gap between both devices. Additionally, ensure that there are no WiFi interference-causing factors present in the paths of WiFi signals approaching your camera. To be specific, there should be no glasses present in that path and the router should be kept away from EM waves emitting devices.

After you take care of the aforementioned points, connectivity issues with the camera will bid adieu and you will be able to complete the Arlo Pro 4 XL setup easily. But, don’t you think that you need to tweak some settings of the camera after the setup process so that you can make the most out of it? What are those settings? Let us reveal.

What to Do After Arlo Pro 4 XL Setup?

Given below are the features which when enabled can take the security of your house to a whole new level:

Arlo Geofencing – If you enable this feature on your camera after setting it up, you will be able to know about the entries and exits in a specific area around your house. In simple words, the Arlo Geofencing feature works as a virtual fence for your house that alerts you about suspicious activities.

Foresight – Generally, when the camera is charging, it records video, but discards it after a few seconds if no motion is detected. With the help of the Foresight feature, you can record clips from live videos.

So, these were a few features that can help you improve the house security after Arlo Pro 4 XL setup. If you want to know more about such features, contact our experts.

Disclaimer: We hereby disclaim ownership of any product and any association, affiliation or representation in any form, of any brand, product or service. All the information provided here has been drafted by a team of highly qualified technical experts and regularly undergo reviews and updates.